It was just past 3am when I awoke to distant screams

My half awakened mind hoped that this was all a dream

When they busted down my door, I arose fully from my slumber

They threw me to the floor as they were screaming out my number

The chaos must’ve shocked me because I never thought to fight

They threw a blind over my face and led me out into the night

My pleas were met with silence as they dragged me through the streets

They demanded my compliance as they shackled both my feet

My sobs died down to whimpers, and I finally heard the sounds

There had to be hundreds of us, chains dragging on the ground

They herded us like cattle to a damp and moldy room

I didn’t need my eyes to feel the ever pending doom

A sorrow and despair you couldn’t possibly conceive

So thick in the air, that I could barely breathe

Deafingly loud whispered prayers of desperation

No answers would be found, in this place of true damnation

I closed my eyes and took a breath and exhaled out my fear

Everything would be ok, it’s all becoming clear

I accept my fate with head held high, if its meant to be

I’ll be called courageous when this goes down in history

Tell my mom I wasn’t scared, that I smiled in the end

I’ll bring hope to broken souls, I’ll be their greatest friend

I will be romanticized in some epic hero’s tale

This may be my final day, but in the end I will prevail

Honestly, the reality is, I wish this was the case

My final breathes on this earth, were not blessed with as much grace

I would be nobody’s hero, I’m nowhere close to brave

No one will ever hear my story, as I lay in a mass grave

One bullet to the back of the head, I neverĀ  saw their face

Moments later I was dead, just like that… erased

Truth be told, I was terrified, as I choked on my own blood

Now my story lays forgotten with my body, in the mud


Dedicated to all the people that have been forgotten. I love you all.

– Zeta Nova


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