Beauty Killed the Brain

Is that truly all your worth?
An object to observe

You seem intelligent …
As long as you’re not heard

Its obvious you care
And put alot of thought….

Not in books you’ve read
But, in all the clothes you’ve bought

It is such a pity,
That while your hair’s so pretty
Underneath is rotten
Your brains been long forgotten…

But, wow! You’re so attractive!
Who cares your minds inactive
Fuck the books! You’ll make it on looks!
Just pray you dont become unattractive

The minds a precious thing to waste…
But so is a beautiful face!
-You might not know science
-But your makeup appliance
Is Chemistry, for fuck sake!

Dont worry, if they realize
Your education was self compromised
-Try diverting attention
-And casually mention
The resource that you have at your thighs

Knowledge is so overrated
Just ask all the guys that you’ve dated!
You’re so good in bed, they’ve actually said
They’d prefer it if you were sedated

Hawking can do calculus
But check out yo ass in that dress?
Who needs degrees, with big ass titties
Being pretty is always the best

—— Zeta Nova ——


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