Money Over Morality

We live in a society where money and vanity override love and morality. A place where someone like Kim Kardashian with nothing of substance to offer can make $100 million a year and the people that educate our children don’t even make 60,000 a year.

Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian for a minute. $100 million a year is a fuck-ton of money for someone whose biggest accomplishments towards the betterment of her career includes having sex with rich and famous people and having a father that got off a famous murderer. She isn’t unique or special. There are literally thousands if not millions of girls out there just like her that make their living on their sexuality and riding the coattails of successful men. What makes Kardashian wildly successful along with her previously named achievements is the fact that she started life with money. It also didn’t hurt having a mother with excellent management skills and zero conscience. People say Kim has no talent but I think she’s absolutely talented in staying relevant in a world that has no need for her. She has made her ignorance into an art form with her pettiness center stage and our society completely indulges her whiny and over privileged behaviors by giving her attention. I’m helping her paycheck a little myself at this moment but I can’t help that she is a perfect example of how fucked up our society is.

It’s sad to me that a teacher can dedicate their lives to educating the future leaders of the world and make in a year precisely same amount that Kim Kardashian uses to wipe her ass on the daily. Don’t hate Kim though, this isn’t her fault. It’s our fault. Kim is our spoiled love child and its up to us to cut her off that titty. Her and every other over privileged under educated attention whore out there. American society’s obsession with vanity and its glorifying of gluttony and ignorance needs to be extinguished if we have any hope of progression.

We all play a role in society and where we put our attention and money make a difference. Be conscious of what you allow into your psyche. Focus your attention onto things that benefit you. Dont spend your money on products that you dont need because some idiot on TV says you need them. Educate your children on where their focus should be. Replace ignorance with education and vanity with love. Be progressive and fuck the dumb shit. ✌

– Zeta Nova


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